Five Amazing Videos You Must Watch Today

You may not believe your eyes, seriously.

After watching the first video on this playlist, you’ll understand what we mean by ‘amazing’. Then you’ll watch the others, and your day will be made.

1. Miracle Of The Year?

This happened in Russia.

*mouth stays open in disbelief*

2. A Journey To Space

Filmaker Guillame Juin processed 80 GB worth of images captured by the crew of the International Space Station from 2011 to 2014 to create this stunning look at outer space and the earth (from outer space).

3. Balancing Act

Rocky Byun knows something that no one else does and we’re pretty sure it’s magic because there’s nothing ordinary about balancing a washing machine on a stone.

4. Super Bad Mario 2

This is why video game characters should remain in video games. ROTFL!

5. Bicycle Versus Ferrari

Okay, there was huge assistance from a rocket, but it still feels good to say that a Ferrari was left in the dust by a bicycle. Top speed: 333 km/h.

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