Powerful Steps: 15-Year-Old Invents Shoes That Generate Electricity

The shoes of the future are almost here.

Imagine a pair of shoes that can charge your phone as you walk. Thanks to 15-year-old Filipino inventor Angelo Casimiro, those ‘magical’ shoes may show up at a fashion store in the near future.

Casimiro’s entry for this year’s Google Science Fair is a pair of footwear that generates electricity—as the wearer walks/jogs/runs, the shoes produce power that can charge small battery-operated devices such as phones. “Each footstep creates a great amount of force… We know that an average human takes 7,000 steps a day. So I asked myself, maybe it’s possible to harvest electricity from my footseps,” Casimiro says in the project’s presentation video (below).

During initial tests, Casimiro was able to charge his phone for ten minutes with electricity generated while he played basketball for two hours. Not practical for everyday use, but it’s a great place to begin.

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